The Future of Education

Edition 13

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The European Added Value of a Comenius Project

Evangelia Tigka, 1st Technical/Vocational Special Needs Secondary School of Nea Ionia Magnesia (Greece)


Some of the most salient benefits of being involved in a Comenius project include the following: Development of an inclusive European identity and culture, and a sense of belonging together; A greater interest in the life and culture of other countries, including an interest in learning languages; Important gains in teachers’ professional development, through the exchange of professional experiences and transfer of good practice across Europe; A step towards closer coordination of educational principles, values, methodologies, content within Europe, synthesising while respecting the local and national identities and circumstances; A step towards a coherent system of recognition of professional skills in education across Europe; A better, richer understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by education in Europe in the 21st century; Promotion of educational innovation which would not be initiated or produced in large parts of Europe at the local, regional or national level.

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