The Future of Education

Edition 13

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Umbrella Organisation of Teachers’ Subject Networks and Continuous Professional Development, Innovation at the Grassroot Level

Einar Rull, Foundation Innove (Estonia)


Umbrella organisation of teachers’ subject networks is trying to find the best practices in Estonian schools and present them on their conferences to representatives of subject teachers’ networks, using bottom-up approach to balance existing top-down practices. All good ideas, what to do in classroom, are certainly not yet invented. We should give the ideas and inspiration the opportunity to spread and adapt. Different teachers need different ideas. In the same time umbrella organisation, is trying to spread another countrie’s good evidence-based and scientifically proved ideas. For example ideas of Dylan Wiliam and John Hattie, Andy Hargreaves and Guy Claxton. For this quarterly bulletin and conferences are used. Bulletin also informs members about meetings and trips of different subject teachers’ networks. Umbrella organisation is organising competitions for finding good ideas of teacher cooperation and the best of them get financing. To help the spread of new ideas we are also organising programs for school teams and school heads. Project started as ESF programme “Raising the qualifications of general education teachers 2008 – 2014 and is now going on, based on national financing. Aim is to create conditions that would support the professional development and activity of general education teachers throughout their careers, support school principals and other staff.


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