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Developing Librarian In-Service Professional Development Programme: Lessons Learned

Marta Dziluma, National Library of Latvia (Latvia)


Last year, 2014, the opening of the new building of the National Library of Latvia took place being crucial event that pointed out the role of contemporary library in knowledge society:

·      resource for learning throughout all person’s life;

·      venue for self-development and informal education;

·      venue and resource for conversation creating knowledge;

·      structured group of professionals facilitating knowledge creation.

Before the opening of the new premises the National Library of Latvia, who also fulfills the functions of methodologic and training centre for in-service librarians of the country, initiated professional development programme development. Programme consisted of modules in Information Resource Management and Marketing and ICT skills development.

The programme and teaching/learning materials were designed within the EU lifelong learning programme supported project where modules for professional development of ICT skills and Information Resource Management and Marketing were created.

The formal education system nowadays is not able to immediately react to the changes in ICT and Information Resaource Management skills needed in contemporary librarian professional life, therefore programme creation

addressed EU priority “Encouragements of cooperation between Vocational Education and Training and the world of work”: in-service non-formal education is able to respond to these changes more quickly.

The Integrated and Blended learning solutions are tested in the context of two mentioned programme modules and solutions for the training organization using developed materials are adapted to the current situation of in-service teaching / learning.

The presentation will focus on the feedback received from staff training administrators, trained trainers / teachers and as well – from the audience.

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