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A Discursive Analysis of Curriculum+ Platform: Openness, Collaboration and Authorship in the Educational Space?

Ana Abreu, Federal University of Sao Carlos - UFSCar (Brazil)


Discourse analysis is the theoretical and methodological foundation of our research, in which we analyze some potential changes in the processes of teaching and learning with the use of different digital resources. Our research corpus is the Curriculum+ initiative, which is configured as an online platform for digital resources articulated with Sao Paulo State Curricula. The objectives of the Curriculum+ initiative ( are:“offer digital pedagogical resources for teachers, as well as training and guidance for implementation, to make the classes more contextualized, meaningful, interactive and customized, in addition to providing the student digital resources to enhance, restore or supplement their studies within or outside the school.” In order to understand the Curriculum+ platform discursive function and its effects on the senses of authorship, collaboration and openness, we mobilized the concepts of  archive, open educational resources, and reader effect. As results, we highlight the principles of collaboration and authorship as relevant in the process of an educational policy; technology as a social practice that places itself beyond the technical grounds and the importance of continuous analysis of the resources used in the educational context due to the fact that it allows us to understand the teaching and learning processes in times of transformation. (Funded by FAPESP).


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