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A Study to Propose Future Directions on Global Experiential Learning for the Youth through a Close Analysis of the Past Studies in Korea

Sangmi Kim, Pusan National University (Korea, Republic of)


With the rapidly changing trend of educational globalization and international circumstances in the world, the youth with the age from 12 to 20 and each level of schools/universities have struggled to enhance their competency and competitiveness through various ways of education with global experiential activities. With these trends, the kinds of activities and number of participating students in those global experiential learning activities are extremely increasing in Korea such as studying abroad, language training, internships, volunteering activities and culture/history thematic activities. In this regards, this study aims to propose future directions and ways to improve the global experiential learning for the youth focusing on the analysis on 1) current status, 2) effect and 3) commented problems and ways to improve through a close analysis of 61 related academic papers which published in Korea during last 10 years from 2005 to 2014 with the key word of those activities. An analysis of the past studies proved that most of the studies were targeted exchange programs in schools or universities and then field internships and volunteering activities abroad. Second, regarding the effect of the global experiential learning, global citizenship, cross-cultural competency and individual academic competency were ranked high. And some of studies emphasized individual self-reflection through experiential learning in exotic cultural environments. Lastly, in the aspect of problems in those activities, professional and systematic program development considering educational purpose, more various kinds of program type, need of systemic support system in management, need of teacher/leader training program were commented in the studies. Based on those analysis, this study suggested the tasks and future directions of the global experiential learning for the youth.

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