The Future of Education

Edition 13

Accepted Abstracts

“From Theory to Practice”: a Project Integrated Teaching

Maria Cristina Veneroso, University of Naples "Federico II" (Italy)

Andreas Di Somma, ASL Napoli 2 Nord (Italy)

Maria Soria, National Association of Learning Disorders (Italy)

Eleonora Ardu, Psychologist, Post-graduating in cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy (Italy)

Francesco Benso, University of Genoa (Italy)


In recent years the international literature has increasingly highlighted the importance of Executive Functions, Stuss, D. T., & Alexander, M. P. [200]1, in cognitive development and, consequently, in school curricular learning, deeming them even as better predictors of school success than the classic
IQ parameter , Blair, [2002]²; Blair C.& Razza R.A, [2007]³; Espy et al., [2004]⁴; Sun et al., [2011]⁵;
Reiter et al, [2005]⁶; Anderson et al., [2010]⁷. In the intervention protocol of the model of ‘Integrated Learning’ the activities for the organization of reading, calculation, writing skills are synergistically integrated in the curricular activity for the entire school year. Our activities were aimed to stimulate and strengthen the processes (working memory, starting, attentional support flexibility) that support theseskills. ‘Integrated Learning’ has shown to be a teaching method able both to promote and strengthen
the learning of basic skills and to implement an active inclusive educational teaching and learning activity, which responds to the needs of all pupils in an effective and flexible way. Groups were evaluated (68 subjects attending the first grade of primary school divided into: 2 sample classes: 18 females, 15 males; 2 experimental classes: 17 females, 18 males) in learning basic skills and in some
attentive-executive functions before and after the curricular activities we proposed (Integrated Learning). We found statistically significant results in writing and reading abilities, mental arithmetic and figural fluency (this last one has been useful to demonstrate an improved development of
attentive-executive functions).

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