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Covid-19 Pandemic: Investigating the Psychological Impact of Remote Teaching on Teachers/Lecturers

Jospeh Rotimi, University of Brighton (United Kingdom)


Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedent event. It came upon the whole world like a thief in the night. Due to the spread of the infectious disease, all universities had to organize remote teaching. One of the major changes is moving all face-to-face lecture to remote teaching, while this may not be a big issue for some higher education providers simply because majority of their lectures are being delivered online prior to the pandemic incident, however, for some, remote teaching is new to them, hence the impact on their mental health. Questionnaire was administered by using the school of Architecture, Technology and Engineering general staff email. Relative Importance Index (RII) was conducted on the responses. From the RII analysis, stress of remote teaching and deterioration to physical health are the major impact experience by most of the respondents, also anxiety before starting lecture and difficulty in concentrating on everyday tasks provided the most significant psychological effect of remote teaching based on the respondents’ responses. It was recommended that students should be encouraged to upload profile pictures on their various MS Team account, as this will replace their ‘name initials’ during live lectures, thereby providing some sort of relieve for lecturer, this is supported by over 65% of respondents, this is a simply solution, which has the potential to improve psychological impact of remote teaching on lecturers.

Keywords Covid-19, Remote teaching, Psychological, mental health. 


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