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Immersive Learning in Virtual Reality

Amelia Ijiri, Kyoto Institute of Technology (Japan)


The 2020 online pilot of classroom instruction to digitally mediated worlds opened interest in online learning environments. One of the emerging interests is in VR education. Subjects such as microbiology, oceanography, and anatomy are engaged due to the use of 3-D objects and presence. Positioning itself in the next wave of virtual reality classrooms, this case study offers constructive and practical analysis for educators designing language learning activities in the metaverse. From an instructional designer, university language instructor, and adult language learner perspective, this paper will address the affordances that work well in virtual reality (VR), such as virtual field trips (VFT) and using 3-D objects both as ready-made assets and hand-drawn with tools. We will discuss why they are used and the advantages over a traditional classroom setting. Concrete sequences of learning objectives will offer insights into building a curriculum in a virtual environment. Then we will cover the hindrances of conducting a class while wearing a head-mounted device (HMD) and briefly consider some of the big players in the race to set up VR educational spaces. Lastly will be take-away solutions such as using Web VR which are browser-based experiences.

Keywords: VR education, immersive learning, instructional design, online communities, language learning

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