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Global Learning and Children’s Literature Book

Flavia Iuspa, Florida International University (United States)

Daniela Foerch, Florida International University (United States)


Promoting global learning in students is becoming a priority in primary and middle schools. Current and future generations need to actively engage in the understanding of global issues affecting the world from an early age. One way for teachers to introduce global issues in the classrooms is through the children’s literature. Children’s picture books can serve as pedagogical resources in classrooms across content areas and grade levels [1] to introduce and analyze global issues in a more friendly manner. Yet, the use of children’s literature in the classroom can be daunting. Furthermore, there is no official curriculum standard or specific guidelines on global literacy in the United States. For instance, “the International Literacy Association Standards (2017), which are used for preparing literacy professionals, do not include guidelines on how to teach global literacy to students” [1]. Thus, educators’ professional development on the application of children’s literature to promote global learning and critical thinking becomes very relevant. This presentation uses global learning and UNESCO’s definition for education for sustainable development (ESD) as conceptual frameworks for analysis. The presentation will discuss the benefits of using children’s literature in the classroom and present an example of a curriculum development lesson using a children’s book to introduce the topic of climate change. This presentation seeks to expand on the body of research related to children’s literature by addressing the guiding question: How can the use of children’s literature promote global learning?




 Global learning, Curriculum Development, Professional Development, Children’s Books



[1] Fresch, M. J., & Harkins, P. (2009). The power of picture books: Using content area literature in middle school. National Council of Teachers of English


[2] Yoon, B. (2022). How does children’s literature portray global perspectives?. Journal of Global Education and Research, 6(2), 206-222.



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