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Dismantling Raci(al/st) Ideology

Dr. Sheena Mason, Suny Oneonta (United States)


With the rise of anti-racist discourse and initiatives, many businesses are unintentionally promoting racist ideas and missing opportunities to identify and celebrate actual diversity of thought over perceived diversity based largely on phenotype and social constructions.While not rooted in biology or science, we show how the concept of race continues to be naturalized and viewed as something "of nature." The camouflaging of racism as race remains, in large part, why many people and institutions have failed to partially, entirely, or meaningfully address racism even when actively participating in anti-racist efforts. With this in mind, we teach people how and why racism masquerades as race and how to identify and stop allowing the race-racism evasion.People are then better able to recognize similarities and differences between otherwise homogenized groups. This lends to attracting and keeping high caliber talent and business opportunities, creating the ultimate workplace culture, and developing more meaningful connections with people, generally speaking.While most people working toward business or diversity, equity, and inclusion strive to overcome systems of oppression and empower marginalized people, the vast majority of people, in the US, unintentionally uphold these same systems of oppression by promoting traditional ways of thinking, viewing employees or candidates, and human resources training. Dr. Mason wants to show how many members of her audience have inadvertently become part of the problem and, importantly, how to change course. Plus, she will leave no doubt as to why they should.Attendees will receive a PDF of a book on how racism masquerades as race, access to an educational portal that expands their knowledge, and access to an ongoing podcast that centers these types of conversations.Attendees will be able to identify when racism is being camouflaged as race, which will then help them stop inadvertently upholding racism. Attendees will learn and hone how to approach and navigate challenging dialogues with more compassion and understanding that otherwise lacks and hinders true healing and difference.

Keywords: Racial, Racist, Ideology

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