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Religious Heritage as a Resource in Cultural Heritage and Tourism Training. Shared Experience

Maria Nikolova, University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (Bulgaria)

Sofia Vasileva, University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (Bulgaria)

Ivanka Yankova, University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (Bulgaria)



The working hypothesis of the paper is focused on religious heritage as a resource in the study of cultural heritage and tourism. The aim is to present the results achieved from field research conducted within a research project as an attractive form of education. These include the enrichment of students‘ basic academic knowledge in the field of cultural heritage and the opportunity to create experimental models of cultural routes for educational purposes. The methodology is based on project-based approaches that allow for pilot studies, the use of descriptive quality methods and direct observations of the current state of the studied sites with the active participation of students. The methods and approaches for integrating the results achieved by the field research in university programs for training in cultural heritage and tourism are presented.

At the heart of research and observation is religious heritage as part of our cultural identity. The relevance of the topic is determined by the insufficient knowledge of local traditions and good practices for preservation and promotion of the rich and diverse religious heritage in Bulgaria as a resource for the development of cultural tourism. The achieved results and the developed scientific products are integrated in the educational process and create conditions for the promotion of interactive forms of teaching and learning. The results are used to promote the exchange of scientific and practical experience between educational, scientific and cultural institutions.

Keywords education, cultural heritage, field research,cultural routes 

 References [1] Social Invention of Religious Cultural Heritage. A proceedings of research. Shared experience. S., 2021.

[Sotsialna inventsiya na religioznoto kulturno nasledstvo. Spodelen opit. S., 2021]

[2] Vasileva, S. Cultural heritage and sustainable development. Concepts, policies, good practices. S., 2013
[Vasileva, S. Kulturno nasledstvo i ustoychivo razvitie. Kontseptsii, politiki, dobri praktiki. S., 2013]



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