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Interior Design as an Object of Intellectual Property Education in Microsoft Teams Platform and a Way for Corporate Identity

Valery Kostova, University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria)


The purpose of this article is to consider interior design as an object of intellectual property education in Microsoft Teams platform and as an important component of corporate design and corporate identity. The training of interior design as an object of intellectual property in the Microsoft Teams platform gives teachers a chance to use modern information and communication technologies to collect, process and teach relevant teaching material, work with digital tools during training and use interactive presentations systems that contribute to a stronger engagement of students' attention. Interior design is included as an object of study in the discipline "Design of Architecture, Interior and Exterior" where the relationship of architecture, interior and exterior and their similar protection as objects of intellectual property is clearly visible. Interior design is the art of expressing or applying human creative skills and imagination on structural spaces that should be appreciated primarily for their aesthetics and emotion, but also functionality. Interior design is classified as an object of intellectual property, in particular as applied art based on its performance, inspired by many art forms and design concepts. We focus on interior design as an object of copyright protection. According to the regulations at national and international level, the main normative acts regulating the protection of works of science, literature and arts are Copyright and Related Rights Act, 1993 and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Works of Literature and Arts, 1886.

Interior design is an important component of corporate design and corporate identity, because interior design is the visual face of the company and serves to create a visual corporate identity and emotional connection with customers, which affects their perception. The concept of company design and corporate identity includes a wide range of elements, covering on behalf of the company to its logo, exterior and interior design, vehicle design and company clothing design, design of advertising materials and documentation, web page design and web stores, employee behavior design, service concept, advertising and public relations of all kinds, used for corporate style, image and culture. One of the most famous of these concepts is the atmosphere of the interior space, namely interior design.

In today's capitalist world, a well-established corporate identity can be seen as a significant contribution to corporate success. Corporations can use a variety of elements to reflect their corporate identity in a desired way for their customers, and interior design is one of those elements are used to differentiate themselves from competitors and to be easily recognizable to customers.


Keywords: intellectual property rights, interior design, education, distance learning, company identity.

This report was funded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund under the project No. KP-06-H 45/7 entitled "DIGITALISATION OF THE LEARNING PROCESS IN HIGHER EDUCATION - IDENTIFICATION AND MANAGEMENT MODEL".


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