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"Intellectual Property’"Discipline - Practice-Focused Training During Online Education

Dimitrina Papagalska, University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria)


The purpose of this report is to present opportunities for interactive training of students studying the ‘Intellectual Property’ discipline in the digital environment. Regardless of the platform used to conduct the training (Microsoft, Google Cloud, Webex, Zoom, etc.) the platform itself presents a different opportunity to make the learning process more interactive, which in the traditional way of teaching is difficult to apply. Given the resource provision with a device for each participant in the learning process - lecturer and students, which is difficult to implement in the classroom and a mandatory factor for participation in online learning, we could apply a different method of intellectual property training to minimize the gap between theory and practice.

The practical components that can be easily implemented in the learning process and which we will be presented in this report, include:

  • searches in different data bases for claimed and registered industrial property objects such as inventions, industrial designs, trademarks, etc.;
  • review and searches in databases such as UNESCO's World Heritage List; works distributed under the Creative Commons license, etc.;
  • review and searches in catalogues of production music;
  • review and searches in registers of the Council for Electronic Media, collective rights management organizations, independent rights management organizations, names of artistic groups, etc.;
  • calculating due remuneration from certain users of musical works, etc.


The report will present the lecturers with the opportunities to organise all of the above either in an online lecture or by creating and moderating parallel and independent virtual rooms dividing the students in groups. In this way in addition to acquiring practical skills, students will be stimulated to work in groups and present their results.


In addition, the possibility to work with these online resources and databases will give students specific knowledge, which is a valuable advantage in their subsequent professional realization as experts in the intellectual property field. Students will be able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills directly in their practice as experts in various business organizations that already own intellectual property rights, that will create intellectual property objects or that will acquire intellectual property rights in the future. In this way, the realized students in this field of activity will directly contribute to the acquisition and maintenance of a competitive advantage of the respective organization in terms of protection and management of intellectual property.

Keywords: e-learning, education

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