The Future of Education

Edition 14

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Design Thinking and Application to Education

İbrahim Ergin, FMV Işık High School (Turkey)


Thousands of years of human history have shown that we are in constant progress and as a result, we need new ways of thinking. While every solved problem brings with it new ones, it has become inevitable to bring new approaches to new problems. Modern humanity needs a new set of skills in the 21st century. These needs make themselves felt in all areas of life. Creative, critical thinking and solution-oriented approaches have been the guide for the solution to every new problem encountered. In this context, one of the most innovative approaches in recent times has been "Design Thinking". Although engineering is the first thing that comes to mind when the word design is used, it is seen that it is far from being a concept used by a certain group or field. It has been seen that many literary figures, musicians, scientists, artists and business people who have been the pioneers of great innovations and changes in their field use this concept in their works. In addition to these, it has been observed that some of the global technology companies such as Google, Apple, Samsung have adopted design thinking quickly. In addition, this concept is taught at the world's leading universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford, Harvard. In this study, the contributions of the existing and potential applications of the design thinking approach to education were investigated by using the literature review method.


Keywords: Design, Education, Thinking


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