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Intellectual Property Rights in Practically Based Course “Publishing business“ for Students in Economics

Maria Markova, University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria)


The purpose of this paper is to consider the academic course ‘Publishing business” as a creative industry and as a system  of IP rights such as copyrights and design rights of the publishing products, and IP rights for a publisher.

In the context of practically based and business oriented higher education we discuss the matter of the publishing business in two main aspects: Publishing business as a creative industry which is a complex of activities of a creation and distribution of printed works, such as booksnewspapers, and magazines, and the publishing product as an object of copyright protection and a design of the printed works protected as industrial design. We reveal the problems of the book content according to the regulations at the national level and international level in a context of the main normative acts regulating the protection of works of science, literature and arts as the Copyright and Related Rights Act, BG,1993 and the Bern Convention for a protection of works of literature and arts, 1886 and the book design as an industrial design protection according to the regulations at the national level and international level under the Industrial design protection law, BG, 1999, and Paris  Convention for a industrial property protection, 1883.

We discuss many examples as a process of producing and distribution of the printed works and the distribution of the economic contribution of the main members of this process such as a part of the market price given as follows: 35-45% to the retailer, 40-50 % to the publisher for printing and 15-25% to the author.

We present the publishing works regardless of the new forms in which it exists as an electronic book, as a CD holder or in other in internet ‘on demand’.

There are a number of other issues arises in the field of IP rights such as following:

1.     Which is the content of IP rights for a publisher of the printed works?

2.     How can and may be used the publishing products by the students in the training and teaching process ?

3.     How we can explain a term "free use" in the case of academic use by students for preparation to test?

What are the specifics of the publishing process and the printed products in high education system regarding the legal framework, wide academic experience and good practices?

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