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Distance Learning Education in IP Fields for Students in Economics

Aleksandar Aleksandrov, University of National and World Economy Bulgaria (Bulgaria)


The aim of the article is to consider the distance learning in the field of intellectual property. Distance learning is no longer something new and unknown in higher education, however, it remains an unloved and used form of teaching only as a last resort. Its positive aspects can be very successfully applied in intellectual property education. There are not many universities in the world that offer intellectual property education, and most of those that offer it deal only with the basic and legal aspects of intellectual property, without going into the depths of this vast but also so interesting and a discipline obligatory for modern education. In the process of learning students are provided with all the necessary teaching materials, as well as additional and enriching literature, including books, extracts from various literary sources, case studies and tasks for self-preparation and more. The online form of education provides the same opportunities as face-to-face education in conducting discussions and analyzing ideas and opportunities in the field of intellectual property. The difference is that people from all over the world can now get involved, who can offer different perspectives and give real examples from their countries, thus enriching the knowledge and culture of their fellow students. Distance learning is the way in which intellectual property can reach anyone who wants to learn about it, giving them the opportunity to study it, no matter where in the world they are, as long as they have a computer and an Internet connection.

The article discusses the possibilities for studying the discipline of intellectual property in distance learning, its positive and possible negative aspects. The necessity of providing an opportunity and carrying out distance learning in intellectual property is also considered.

Keywords Distance learning, intellectual property, E-learning, IP Rights 

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