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The Effectiveness of Cartoon Series to Enrich Young Learners’ Vocabulary: A Case Study

Tatu Zakiyatun Nufus, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta- Indonesia (Indonesia)


This research was conducted to prove that cartoon series is effective to enrich young learners’ vocabulary and motivate them in learning English so that they don't feel bored and monotonous in learning.  The study used a qualitative design for 10 young learners in a private kindergarten at Tangerang. To get data the researcher used observation during the teaching-learning process with the participant in learning English through the cartoon series, The researcher uses the World cartoon as a media to teach vocabulary to young learners. Then, the researcher analyzes descriptively and summarizes the findings, and provides new ideas by collaborating on all findings at the sources. The finding of the research is using cartoon series in the learning process helps the students to learn new vocabulary and also interested and gain new experiences and knowledge that they can take from the lessons.


Keywords Teaching vocabulary, cartoon series, young learners
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