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The Use of Protected Works in the Education Process for the Students in Economics trough the Course “Film Business“

Ivan Nachev, University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria)


The purpose of this paper is to explain and to show the relevant instruments, which tutors in the field of film business can rely on, when using protected with IP rights work. The process of education in art-based courses, especially in online environment, raises some fundamental question regarding the use of protected artwork, which must be clarified for fulfilling the education plan of the students.

The course “Film business” relays on two main aspects:

  • To provide theoretical knowledge, based on existing studies in the field;
  • Practical knowledge of the tutor.

I am aiming to focus on the second main aspect – practical knowledge of the tutor and his potential to include in the education process materials which are protected by the relevant IP legislation, such as:

  • Movie trailers or whole movies;
  • Contracts with creative crew (Director, Director of Photography, Screenwriter);
  • Budgets;
  • Shooting schedules.

The quality of the education process is really improving by giving the students real life experience from the practice, but the main focus should be on acquiring the required rights for use of the aforesaid materials. Nevertheless, the materials and their usage in the education process is defined in the Copyright and related rights Act in Bulgaria, there are some other matters which the tutors must consider, before including materials in the education process, like:

  • In what environment the works will be presented;
  • How many materials are needed to cover the main topics of the course;
  • Is there a relevant legislation exception which can guarantee the freedom of usage;
  • Is there a way to acquire the necessary rights for use from the rightsholders;

The paper is trying to answer the aforesaid question but the focus is on the different rights acquired by the tutor for implementing practice materials in education process, also to track its number in COVID pandemic situation and online teaching.


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