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From Textiles to Soft Robotics and the Emergent Approaches in STEAM and Textile Labs

Adrina Cabrera Galindez, Matrix gmbh & co kg (Germany)

Pistofidou Anastasia, Fabricademy, textile and technology academy (Spain)


At the intersection of art, technology, biology and science, the emergent field of Soft Robotics can be a beneficial and engaging topic for designers, artists, and educators, who want to implement transversal and innovative projects. Moreover, it enables inclusive learning about robotics and materials applying digital fabrication and biology, offering an explorative space for hobbyists and professionals. This paper discusses the challenges of prototyping actuated materials in the field of Soft Robotics inside the transdisciplinary program Fabricademy[1], Textile and Technology Academy. It maps the topics that emerge based on shemakes[2] European network values and ethics, promoting gender equality in science and innovation in the textile and clothing industry. Fabricademy explores further the practices of wearable technology and the application of Soft Robotics in a distributed educational format while project engages participants from girls in STEAM to women innovators, introducing inclusive practices and digital skills through learning paths and innovation services. Both aim to bring this ​​technological knowledge into a hands-on approach in labs, experimenting with different challenges from the concept of Soft Robotics, actuated materials and bio-based composites for various applications. A qualitative methodology was carried out evaluating the previous outcomes of the Fabricademy Alumni from 2017 to 2022.

Furthermore, this paper will describe some of the practices that participants face during the workshops and lectures, starting with the concept, design, fabrication, control, and feedback. Further, it categorizes different applications, from performative arts to healthcare solutions. Finally, the authors situate this contribution into the context of European funded network, expanding the audience from young children to academia and industry, bridging the gender gap in science, technology and innovation. Consequently, we want to envision how the field of Soft Robotics and actuated materials can (re)shape the implications and applications of wearable technology in education and (re)define emergent approaches in the textile and clothing industry.


Soft Robotics, FabLabs, learning by doing, emerging technology, gender equality



[1]        A. Pistofidou and C. Raspanti, ‘Textile Academy’, Textile Academy, Jun. 01, 2021. (May 31, 2021).

[2]        ‘Shemakes’, Shemakes. (Mar. 06, 2022).

[3]        F. Academy Textile, Fabricademy 20-21 WEEK 12 - Soft Robotics, (Dec. 08, 2020).


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