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Humanising Online Learning: Lesson Learned from 2 Years of Emergency Remote Teaching

Nanak Hikmatullah, University of Massachusetts, Amherst & Edgar Brood Academic Chair (Indonesia)


Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) during the COVID-19 pandemic shows how teachers and students struggle in doing online learning, particularly in facilitating social and emotional connection. Studies on this topic show that teachers and students tend to be emotionally and socially disconnected during online learning. In this paper, I present online learning design and delivery that facilitates the socio-emotional presence from 2 years of experience in the design. Students’ perceptions of the design were also sought through a survey and interview to evaluate its perceived effectiveness and satisfaction. The results suggest that students favour the design and it facilitates their social and emotional presence. With the growing trend in online learning, the current paper offers holistic online learning design ideas to teachers, educators and online learning enthusiasts. Moreover, it also contributes to the less researched theme in online learning - instructional designs and delivery.

Keywords: Online Learning, Emergency Remote Teaching, Social and Emotional Presence, COVID-19 Pandemic, Instructional Design and Delivery


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