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Student Learning Outcomes in Online and In-Person Spanish Language Program

Casilde Isabelli, University of Nevada-Reno (United States)


This study investigates language learner outcomes that were gathered for the fourth-semester university Spanish language students at the University of Nevada, Reno. The study investigates whether students enrolled in the online program arrive at the same learning outcomes as those students enrolled in the equivalent traditional in-person program. Students from 5 online Spanish language courses (fourth-semester) and 5 traditional (in-person) courses from Spring 2022 were assessed. Multiple measurements were used to compare learning outcomes between the two modes at in oral production, written production, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, grammar knowledge, and vocabulary acquisition using four measures: Stamp 4S assessment test scores, end of semester final exam scores; and, final course grades. The statistical analyses of the data indicate no significant difference between the online and in-person courses on any of the measures or levels suggesting that the online language courses have been successful: the students in the online courses made progress in their second language learning performance similar to that of the students in the equivalent traditional in-person courses. Student and instructor feedback, reflecting attitudes and experiences with the hybrid courses are used to better understand the comparative results. The qualitative data suggest that students need instructor guidance and that both students and instructors need ongoing technical support for the successful implementation of hybrid language courses; however, online students appear have the characteristics of being more motivated, self-disciplined, and responsible for their learning.  This study complements Isabelli (2013) findings.

Keywords Online vs in-person, language acquisition, Spanish. Stamp 4S 


[1] Isabelli, C. (2013) Student learning outcomes in hybrid and face-to-face beginning Spanish language courses. The future of education: Conference proceedings, pp. 649-654. Edizioni.

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