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Multicultural Competencies of Pupils as a Tool for Social Innovation in Primary Education

Michal Pankevič, Faculty of Education, Catholic University in Ružomberok (Slovakia)


Multicultural education is a process in which individuals learn to adopt the ways of positively perceiving and evaluating cultural systems different from their own culture and acquire adequate methods of regulating their behavior concerning members of other cultures. In the educational reality, this means orientation towards racial, ethnic and religious tolerance, cultural pluralism, social belonging, empathic view of the world and the people in it, collaboration and cooperation, perception of otherness as challenges to knowing, understanding and overcoming prejudices and stereotypes. The above premises are complemented by empire, which in the conditions of educational practice of multicultural education suggests that part of the positive changes in efficiency and perception of the educational process is the positive impact of multicultural education on the formation of the social climate in the classroom. It is also supported by Klein’s statement (2008, p. 44), that „multikultúrna výchova do školy jednoznačne patrí, pretože: [...] klíma triedy sa začína pozitívne meniť“ ["multicultural education belongs to school because: [...] the classroom climate is beginning to change positively"]. In this context, the implementation of multicultural education (as a cross-cutting theme) into the educational reality undoubtedly positively affects forming a favorable social climate in the classroom. The paper presents theoretical and methodological determinants and partial results (obtained by ante and in continuo measurements) of the currently conducted research, which aims to verify the effectiveness of multicultural games and activities to increase the quality of social climate perception in third grade of primary schools with predominantly Roma pupils.

The paper is part of the research publication known as „Multicultural competencies of pupils as a tool for social innovation in primary education“ (GAPF, No. 6 / 1a / 2022).


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