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Edition 14

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Cultivation and Improvement of Musical Performance Skills of Future Music Teachers

Wenlin Cheng, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania (Lithuania)

Rasa Kirliauskienė, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania (Lithuania)


Whether the musical performance could truly enter the field of artistic creation depends on the mastery of performance skills. Therefore, the key is based on the success or failure of musical performance skills education. Grasping the skills of musical performance accurately, and pursuing a further development of such skills are very essential for the future of music teachers' musical performance. Only in this way can we walk into the soul world of the musical performance. This paper shows the views of future music teachers on musical performance skills through qualitative research on the improvement of musical performance skills. 11 future music teachers of Vytautas Magnus University and 2 music teachers took part in this research, The aim is to improve the musical performance skills of future music teachers and help them be conscious of the importance of musical performance skills in the teaching process.

The results show that during the teaching process, teachers' musical performance skills play an important role in demonstrating, guiding, and controlling the classroom to students, so that students can enjoy, love and learn music more directly. Future music teachers should not only master basic knowledge and professional skills, but also emotional processing and stage experience are very important. The way to improve stage performance skills:a lot of practice, learn more theoretical knowledge, watch and listen to music, and apply the knowledge learned and the progress made in practice to the performance. The main problems of some future music teachers in improving their musical performance skills are: the psychological quality is not strong, the basic knowledge is not solid, the performance details are not in place, the lack of innovation ability, and the lack of stage experience.

Keywords Future music teachers; Musical performance skills


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