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The Impact of Compliance Control on Education and the Fight against Corruption.

Kamila Rafikova, Higher School of Business and Entrepreneurship under the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in the Compliance control department (Uzbekistan)


I want to tell you about the topics that will be covered in my work.

Briefly about myself, the scope of my work and its directions. Direction in the field of new compliance control in Uzbekistan and work on yourself and your knowledge. Development and development of new regulatory documents. A completely new system of control over the execution of laws, decrees, decisions, orders and instructions of the President of the Republic. The development of team spirit in the department will affect all employees. Attendance and lateness, conducted by ID card. Review of the head of the department. This is done so that the head of the department does not lose his authority in front of his employees. Bonuses for overtime work. Overtime is working overtime. Evaluation of the project manager. When developing urgent or unplanned projects, the person who is working on the project can attract employees of other departments based on their abilities. Results from feedback. Feedback is a response to certain events, actions. The result of the internal audit. The audit is also carried out every 6 months, but already in Face to face. Exams are conducted on paper, which is slightly inconsistent with the modern method of conducting exams. That is why it is planned to introduce online testing into this system, which will be conducted in a library equipped with a large number of computers. The defense of diplomas is carried out by writing a dissertation and subsequent defense. His work is carried out through the anti-plagiarism program by downloading the work and checking the percentage of downloaded information. This is done manually through teachers, which may already cause a conflict of interest. I believe that if the goal of the school is to raise its rating even higher, it should take everyone who wants to study and produce professionals not from ready-trained people, but from any ordinary person. After all, it also creates a favorable environment for corruption. There shouldn't be a competition. Just to enroll and just attend classes is not enough. We need to get something out of all this. Therefore, this is how we teach business, we should invite famous businessmen or connect through zoom with international businessmen to conduct trainings and open conversations in which students can listen to how to act correctly, what mistakes not to make and answer all questions of interest. Practice is also very important. To take students to production sites, factories, factories and visually show the process of devices, employees, bosses and marketing methods. People nowadays prefer to go with the flow and apply the skills tested over the years used by our ancestors. Everyone wants a good result while not wanting to leave their comfort zone and innovate, take risks, analyze and predict.



Compliance  control, anticorruption actions, KPI, master 's degree program



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