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Do Instructions and Restrictions Work: An Analysis on Various Mediation Methods Regarding Cyberbullying and Its Effects in China

Yixuan Li, University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

Yihuan Wu, United World College Changshu (China)


Based on parental mediation theory (Wright, 2017), the present study aims to investigate on the effectiveness of active mediation and restrictive mediation on mitigating cyberbullying in China. More specifically, the study explores the relationship between active mediation, restrictive mediation, and non-intrusive inspection with cyberbullying perpetration and cyberbullying victimization. Multi-stage cluster sampling was used for the study, in which, a total number of 721 parents and students with ages ranging from 11 to 21 years old in Mainland China participated in the online survey. The results supported the hypothesis which revealed that active mediation was negatively associated with both cyberbullying perpetration and victimization, whereas restrictive mediation was positively associated with the former, negatively associated with the latter, and passive mediation was positively associated with both. Gender serves as a moderator of parental mediation strategies and cyberbullying perpetration, as there is a stronger correlation between mediation strategies and cyberbullying perpetration in girls than in boys. Theoretical contributions and practical contributions are discussed as well.

Keywords: Cyberbullying, Computer-mediated communication, Parental mediation, Social media, Secondary education

References: Wright, M. F. (2017). Parental mediation, cyberbullying, and cybertrolling: The role of gender. Computers in Human Behavior71, 189–195.


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