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Enhancing Student Engagement in Their Learning Process through Teach-Back Method

Borja Manzano-Vázquez, University of Granada (Spain)


Learner engagement can be defined as “a learner’s active involvement in learning activities” (Jiménez Raya et al., 2017: 90). Those learners who are engaged in their learning pay more attention and participate more actively in class, look forward to solving their doubts, and are more motivated to complete their learning activities. In this respect, engagement is regarded as a key factor for successful learning (Shulman, 2002). In the subject ‘Acquisition of English as a Second Language I’, which is taught in the Degree in English Studies at the University of Granada (Spain), the teach-back method has been implemented as a strategy for promoting learner engagement in their learning process. Teach-back is a strategy normally used by doctors in the field of healthcare as a way of checking patients’ understanding of the explanation of a treatment (Sharples, 2019). However, in this case, the students engage in teaching back to their classmate the contents covered in the subject in order to assess their understanding of these contents and to encourage them to play an active role in the classroom. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss how teach-back is implemented in the teaching practice of the subject and to analyse the students’ (30 undergraduates) perception on the impact of this strategy on their learning and motivation throughout the subject. Thus, the paper analyses the students’ initial and final perceptions on teach-back. The findings reveal that in general the students’ attitude towards the promotion of teach-back was positive. They considered that its implementation made the classes more interactive, and it led them to be more motivated and attentive in class, to revise more, and to try to perform better as part of cooperative learning.

KeywordsLearner engagement, motivation, higher education, teach-back method


Jiménez Raya, M., Lamb, T., & Vieira, F. (2017). Mapping autonomy in language education: A framework for learner and teacher development. Peter Lang.

Sharples, M. (2019). Practical pedagogy: 40 new ways to teach and learn. Routledge.

Shulman, L. S. (2002). Making differences: A table of learning. Change, 34(6), 36-44.

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