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The Learning Process in Higher Education: Flipping the Classroom.

Patrícia Ferreira, Escola Superior de Educação do Porto (Portugal)

Paula Quadros-Flores, Escola Superior de Educação - Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal)


The pandemics and the fast paced changes in today’s society had a irrefutable impact on Higher Education and the learning process that binds teachers and students together. Based on the “Made by them to them: the students in the learning process” approach (Quadros-Flores, Flores, Ramos & Peres, 2019) this paper invites us to place Higher Education under a different light and to think about the use of active methodologies in the area of foreign languages and cultures teaching.
The active methodology approach was underlying the strategies implemented with and by the students and the data collection focused on reflections and field notes written by the teacher who collaborated with this research. The “Made by them to them” approach also provided the categories under which both contents and results analysis fell. This approach aims at the implementation of guidelines for students as they follow a path of self-discovery and discovery of the world, catering not only for their learning to learn needs, but also for their collaborative skills in a formal context, where they integrate and share knowledge, while benefitting from a significant teaching and learning experience.
Active methodologies provide the teaching practice framework and help with the preparation of students for the work context, fostering their development as individuals and citizens.

Keywords: Pedagogical innovation; 21st Century skills, active methodologies, flipped classroom


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