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E-Learning in Uzbekistan

Fotima Shukurullayeva, Uzbek (Uzbekistan)


One of the most actively developing areas of the modern education system is the implementation of educational programs using e-learning and distance learning technologies.

Distance learning in educational institutions of Uzbekistan is not yet developed. One of the most important problems is the low level of coverage of higher education. According to the World Bank, the coverage of higher education in Uzbekistan has been decreasing in recent years and made only 9% in 2017 (of the corresponding age group of the population), in 2019 this figure reached 20%, and in 2020 increased to 25%. [1]

The Decree of the President of Uzbekistan from October 9, 2019 approved the concept of development of higher education in Uzbekistan until 2030 year. [2] The concept defines strategic goals, priority areas, tasks, stages of development of higher education in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the medium-term and long-term perspectives and is the basis for the development of sectoral programs and a set of measures in this area. In accordance with it, the gradual transition of educational process to credit-module system and transformation of the Uzbek system of higher education into a hub for implementation of international educational programs in Central Asia are planned. There is no doubt that any changes in education can have a positive impact on the quality of life and quality of education. Increasing the level of coverage of higher education is possible through the broad introduction of digital technologies and modern methods in the educational process, individualization of educational processes based on digital technologies, development of distance learning services, wide implementation of webinar technologies into practice, online, "blended learning", "flipped classroom" technologies, and the organization of distance learning programs based on modern information and communication technologies. Higher education institutions had to use creativity to provide teachers and students with learning management systems such as Moodle, Zoom and conferencing platforms to connect with students.

The Higher School of Business and Entrepreneurship was established in Uzbekistan with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 460from July 30, 2020. At school, it is available to study by correspondence without leaving the workplace remotely in 3 specialties on Master's degree and short-term courses. Distance learning is conducted through platforms where you can see training video clips, presentations, can pass the tasks. At the moment there are about 270 correspondence students studying at the school.

Organization of distance education in educational institutions of Uzbekistan could provide access to higher education for many wishing to overcome territorial and time constraints, in addition, distance learning reduces the cost of educational services, which makes it possible for families with limited financial resources to obtain higher education in the desired specialty.

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