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Atabioeconomics Module Supported By Purple Potato Agriculture: An Example Of Metaverse+ Steam Leadership

Seval Orak, Eskişehir Atayurt Schools (Turkey)

Arzu Yalçın, Eskişehir Atayurt Schools (Turkey)

Ugur Erman Topcu, Eskişehir Atayurt Schools (Turkey)

Canan Özer, Ankara Provincial Directorate of National Education R&D (Turkey)


It is stated in the researches that agricultural education should be organized in accordance with the 21st century and teaching programs.One of the training approaches that meet the requirements of the 21st century is the Steam Training Approach.Stem training approach can help to support agricultural activities and leadership in support of agricultural literacy. Agricultural literacy, agriculture and agriculture-related food, health, environment, environmental areas, which learn general information, manufacturers, consumers and communities to analyze and to provide programs to address and to provide programs to address the programs necessary to address. Agricultural literacy Personal decision-making, citizenship and cultural work develops knowledge and understanding about scientific and technological-based concepts and processes required for economic productivity. In order to improve agricultural literacy at primary school by researchers, the positive effects of farming in the fields of health have been proven, strong antioxidant, vitamince rich, bioplastic construction, strengthening the immune system in the pandemary period, in order to strengthen the immune system in the pandemic period, is preferred. Purple potatoes with organic food coloring, which is interested in children, and purple potatoes used in textile. The cultivation of purple potatoes, irrigation, hood, organic fertilization, harvested by learning learners. It is the basic purpose of the research, the framework of the "purple potato agriculture Agricultural Atabioeconomic" module developed by the researchers. Materials necessary for research; Purple potato is the domestic seed, purple potato flour, organic fertilizer, organic herb medicine, water, organic insecticide (potato belly medicine) organic boron fertilizer (no nitrogen-free), enough garden area for farming in the school yard. Metaverse, Mındfullness are used empathy sectİon in design thinking. (Applied The Module: 35 hours in 35 weeks for 14 teachers).

Keywords:Metaverse, purple potatoe, agriculture, mindfullness, stemleadership


Purple Potato Cultivation (Access Date 03.03,2020)

Blair, D., (2009). The Child in the Garden: An Evaluative Review of the Benefits of

School Gardening, The Journal of Environmental Education, 40, 2.





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