The Future of Education

Edition 14

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The use of digital resources in teaching foreign languages

Jurabek Egamberdiyev, Alif Education (Uzbekistan)

Anvar Abdurakhmanov, Global Technologies (Uzbekistan)

Abdulloh Mallaev, Alif Education (Uzbekistan)

Rustam Egamberdiyev, Alif Education (Uzbekistan)


The article is devoted to the use of digital educational resources in distance learning of the English language. Teaching English in a digital educational environment requires the use of modern online services and resources that contribute to the formation and development of communication navigators. The article examines the requirements imposed by modern society on the personal and professional qualities of future specialists, their development in the process of teaching foreign languages, as well as the use of digital technologies and Internet resources for this purpose. In particular, the importance of systematic selection of textbooks to achieve specific goals set by the teacher is pointed out. The social isolation regime associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on education in general and foreign language teaching in particular. The active use of the remote form of work was the only answer to the questions that arose. The transition to distance learning required not only the introduction of modern technological solutions, but also the practical restructuring of the methodological system of teaching foreign languages and teaching teachers to work in new conditions. Combine the properties of all of the above software products, representing the same thing. today is a means of obtaining information, solving educational tasks and business electronic communication. they provide such a resource to a subject teacher, providing him with methodological assistance in preparing for lessons, drawing up control tasks, summing up the results of mastering navigation and skills.


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