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Teachers’ Technological Inclusion: Students’ Core Desirability towards Educational Gains

Dr Mehboob Ul Hassan Mehboob, Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Punjab Pakistan (Pakistan)


Worth of technology is well-known for human beings since decades. It is playing catalytic role in penetrating every individual’s life to burn technological hunger. Core part of educational and technical society; teachers put their maximum potential in spreading technical information in classroom and beyond to glow students’ educational and technological desires. Present study was conducted to explore the effect of teachers’ technological applications on their students’ educational gains of male and female students enrolled in public sector university of District Lahore. Study was quantitative in nature and researchers adopted ex post facto design to investigate current dilemma. Sample of study consisted of randomly selected 200 respondents: 125 male and 125 female teachers selected from Public Sector University. Data were collected by administering self-developed questionnaire categorized in three sub-scales; creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration and research & information fluency mode of five point Likert type options. Validated version was pilot tested to ensure Cronbach’s Alpha reliability statistics; .836. Focusing ethical considerations, researchers collected data themselves. Students’ academic scores were obtained from university office ensuring that it will use for research purpose only. Findings of regression analysis reflect that 66 % teachers’ technological inclusion effect on students’ educational gains whereas creativity and innovation effect 59 % communication and collaboration effect 61 % and research  information fluency 59 % on students’ educational gains. Study recommends that university need to invest funds to furnish computer labs and provide training to teachers focusing national international standards for the sake students’ better educational gains.


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