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Opportunities to Serve Latinx Students in Online Programs at Hispanic Serving Institutions in Higher Education

Kathryn Hughes, Pacific Oaks College - California (United States)

Cassandra Peel, Pacific Oaks College (United States)

Camille Huggins, Pacific Oaks College (United States)

Gio Hortua, Pacific Oaks College (United States)

Ja Ne’t Rommero, Pacific Oaks College (United States)


As the United States (U.S.) workforce evolves, it will need more educated and technically advanced workers. Given that the Latinx population is the most rapidly growing minority group in the U.S., it is important that Latinx students are prepared to fulfill this need.  The Latinx student enrollment and graduation rates in higher education in the United States is less than 40%.  It is imperative that Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), which were developed specifically to enhance graduation rates among this population, create avenues to encourage Latinx students to enroll and graduate. The online learning format provides a strong opportunity for Latinx students. This article examines current knowledge and theoretical concepts that online education can utilize to build community engagement, cultural congruity, and culturally relevant pedagogy for Latinx students attending HSI institutions in the U.S.  It highlights the accessibility; time flexibility and student-centered learning that online education programs offer. This article emphasizes the importance of developing an online community to encourage trust and engagement among peers, students, and faculty. As well as the importance of culturally relevant pedagogy, decolonized pedagogical approaches, and anti-oppressive policies and practices for education delivery. Online education has the applicability of standards used in disseminating education and the rigor of assessment comparable to traditional on-ground standards.

Keywords: online education, culturally relevant pedagogy, Latinx student, Higher education

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