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Edition 14

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Students' attitudes towards foreign languages and their methodology of language learning

Sirojiddin Sharipov, Garant insurance group (Uzbekistan)

Shukhrat Abdaliev, shuxrat-parizoda (Uzbekistan)



This article is about the methods of language learning by students and their attitude to the language. Basically, the article provides information about the possibilities of learning a language and effective ways of learning it. The article substantiates the importance of teaching foreign students the Russian language using the case study method. There is a lot of talk now about the need to strengthen the communicative component when teaching Russian as a foreign language. The use of case studies in classes with foreigners can contribute to this goal. The classic case contributes to the development of skills for making an independent decision, the purpose of working with the case in an audience with foreigners is another – a communicative workshop. The article lists the topics on which foreigners can be offered cases, and presents the development of one of the cases as an example of the concept we propose.

The concept of "interactivity" and typification of educational material is considered as a key moment underlying the interaction between the user and the university. Approaches to the use of virtual textbook management systems (VMS) in various learning scenarios are discussed. Further directions of SUVA development are outlined to improve the quality and efficiency of the educational process. Innovative learning simultaneously solves several tasks: develops communicative skills and abilities, helps to establish emotional contacts between participants in the learning process, solves an informational problem, since it provides students with the necessary information, without which it is impossible to implement joint activities; develops general learning skills and provides an educational task, since it teaches them to work in a team.


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