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Educating the Third Age to Use the Social Media

Panayiotis Angelides, University of Nicosia (Cyprus)


It is well known that the world population is ageing, and as a result through this demographic change the structure of society and therefore the family structure are changing. 2012 has been the European Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity whereas 2013 will be the European Year of Citizenship. It is our perception that one of the main aims of the E.U. in the last years was to raise the issue of ‘being an active citizen’ regardless the age or the role in society. This provides societies with the opportunities to develop strategies for ensuring that the ageing can first be positive and dynamic but at the same time it is used in such a way as to promote solidarity between the different groups of people, the different sectors, and the different generations, younger and older. Ageing can be an enjoyable experience if elderly people have access to lifelong learning opportunities. The more integrated and socially included grandparents are, the more society gains and as a result the family members gain. This paper will present a project that aims to promote active ageing and intergenerational solidarity through developing an innovative ICT training course for acquiring the necessary skills in order to participate in the modern world, both for pleasure and for business. This project attempts to explore the relationship developing between the first and the third generation of members of different European families through the provision of ICT opportunities for learning.  Grandparents will be professionally trained with the involvement of their grandchildren who will transfer their current knowledge on social networking. When they will acquire the necessary skills they will set up a social communication network between them.

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