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A Constructivist Approach to the Integration of Padlet to Enhance the Writing Skills of Egyptian Adult ESL Learners

Lubna Adel, The British University in Egypt (BUE) (Egypt)


The traditional ESL classroom has been supplemented by a digital world which rests on the use of technology inside and outside the classroom. Teachers, in such a digital world, depend on a variety of mobile applications in order to enable their students to develop and acquire new skills since, usually, the class time is not enough for the teacher to cover all the learning outcomes, and to introduce and practice relevant knowledge and skills. One of the skills teachers notice that their students are struggling over in Egypt is writing; thus, they seek opportunities outside the classroom to help the students to enhance it. The integration of applications students can access from their smart mobile phones facilitates students’ benefit from the feedback of both the teacher and their peers. Such applications also enable the teacher to monitor student’s progress, and to provide further insights on their needs, specially, if the teacher has a large number of students. Since both the teacher and the student prefer such applications because they make learning more active, enjoyable, and collaborative, the present study reviews the mobile application of Padlet and suggests various activities which can be used to enhance the writing skills of adult ESL learners in Egypt within the framework of the constructivist approach.


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