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The Effect of Using Netsupport School Software on Iranian Intermediate Efl Learners’ Vocabulary Retention and Reading Comprehension

Mojtaba Khatami, Department of English Language Teaching, Science and Technlology, Shahre Qods, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

Naeem Noeparast, Department of English Language Teaching, Islamic Azad University,Torbat-heidarieh Branch (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


The current study aims at examining the effect of employing NetSupport School program as Local Area Network software on Iranian intermediate EFL learners’ vocabulary retention and reading comprehension. So, sixty female learners as students of high school after a proficiency test were selected as the participants of this study, and were divided into two groups of experimental and control. The experimental group received the treatment which included the use of NetSupport School on a Local Area Network platform, over four-month-period. The control group was taught the same syllabus on the printed texts as placebo. The data analysis of the pre-test and the post-test demonstrated that the students' retention of words in experimental group was enhanced by LAN-based teaching of vocabularies, while control group did not. T-test was done as the means of statistical analysis.  Moreover, the results of the reading test exhibited that LAN-based teaching of vocabularies could change the passive vocabulary knowledge of the experimental group into an active one. 

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