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Valerio Caldesi Valeri

Institution: University of Kentucky

Address: 1055 Patterson Office Tower

Postal Code: 40506

Country: United States

Trained as an ancient historian with a special interest in Greek epigraphy, Valerio Caldesi Valeri has more recently broadened his interests to encompass literary studies and classical mythology. He is currently working on the construction and reception of the myths surrounding the king of Crete Minos in archaic and classical Greek culture, roughly between 700 and 300 BCE. In his project, Dr. Caldesi Valeri argues that the character of Minos was consistently utilized as a paradigm of contemporary relevance across time. Thus, scrutinizing the evolution of this myth allows to recover the varying thoughts of the ancient Greeks about ideal forms of kingship, the blurred divide separating exclusive administration of justice from exercise of tyranny, the viability of a maritime empire, the divine origins of law, and the scope of historical inquiry.

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