The Future of Education

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Eleni Timplalexi

Institution: Theatre Studies Dept., University of Athens

Address: Satomis 4

Postal Code: 15771

Country: Greece

Eleni is a researcher, drama teacher and theatre director/playwright. She holds a PhD (2014) in Analog and Digital Role Playing Games from the Theatre Studies Dept., University of Athens (State Scholarships Foundation scholarship), where she also obtained her BA (1998) and MPhil (2001). Awarded with a scholarship for theatre practice by Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, she trained as a director in the UK for two years. Awarded playwright, she is dedicated to experimental theatre and innovative theatre practices, involved in performances in Greece and abroad. Eleni also works in arts, media and education. She teaches drama and amateur theatre. Her research interests include theatre and performativity, analog and digital play and games, learning/education, iconicity and virtuality.
She currently works on a future book on role playing games and is about to start a post-doc.

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