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Valentina Milenkova

Institution: South West University

Address: 66 Ivan Mihailov Str.

Postal Code: 2600

Country: Bulgaria

Valentina Milenkova graduated Sociology from Sofia University. In 2009 she defended her Ph.D. thesis on “Education and social reproduction” at the Institute of Sociology, in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Valentina Milenkova is a Professor at the Sociology Department, South-West University, Bulgaria, where she holds lectures on “Sociology of Education” and “Social Stratification and inequalities”.

Over the past 25 years Valentina Milenkova has worked on the broad area of social dimension of education and training policies as a researcher, lecturer and professor. Her research interests are particularly focused on educational policies towards ethnic minorities and the social significance of education. On this basis Valentina Milenkova has also provided researches to the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, NESET and the Open Society Foundations, working in this area. Moreover, she has extensive experience in teaching in the subject areas to BA and MA degree students. Examples of recent research conducted by her include:

NESET Country report on Bulgaria for “Equity–related challenges in education and training, existing measures, assessment, proposals for future measures”, Team Leader prof. Sally Power.
Key researcher of the team “Educational Selectivity Effects of the European Social Funds” Open Society Foundations, London, Team Leader Ph.D. Daniel Pop.
Member of the team “Media Education: Policies in Europe.” ANR TRANSLIT and COST Action IS0906 “Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies”, Team Leader Divina Frau-Meigs.
Team Leader of the project, “Integration of Social Sciences in globalizing world”, Bulgaria, SWU.
Member of EC project “Towards Lifelong Learning Society in Europe: The Contribution of the Educational System” – 6th FP project, Team Leader Dr.Ellu Saar.

Milenkova has 10 monographs and about 90 articles in Bulgarian and foreign journals. Her latest books are: “Bulgarian School in the focus of Social Inequalities” (2009), (In Bulgarian) as well as collective monographs: “Successful Roma” (2011), (In Bulgarian), “The Lifelong Learning Hybrid” (2012). She is the editor of the international collection “Education and Social Deviations”(2014), (In Bulgarian).

Valentina Milenkova is a member of the Editorial board of the Romanian Journal of Social Sciences.
She is chairman of the Sociology of Education Research Committee under the Bulgarian Sociological Association.

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