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Dagobert Soergel

Institution: University at Buffalo

Address: 504 N Quaker Ln

Postal Code: 22304

Country: United States

Dagobert Soergel is Professor in the Department of Library and Information Studies, Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo, New York.

Dagobert received his PhD in Political Science (1970) and his Master in Mathematics' and Physics (1964), both from the University of Freiburg, Germany. Since then, He has worked in the field of information science as practitioner, researcher, and writer since 1960.
From 1963 - 1970 he worked in three positions in Germany: Systems analyst, Research Center for World Civilization, Documentation Department, Freiburg (1963-1965); Head, Documentation Department, Foundation Science and Politics, Ebenhausen (1967 - 1969); Head, Documentation Department, DATUM (Documentation and Training Center for Theory and Methods of Regional Science), Bad Godesberg (1969 - 1970)

In 1970 he moved to the US, taking positions at the College of Information Studies, University of Maryland, College Park as Visiting Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor (where he supervised 25 doctoral dissertations) (1970-2010) and at the Department of Library and Information Studies, Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo as Professor (2009 -). He served as visiting professor at several universities: Western Ontario, Chicago, Konstanz, Trento, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He consulted for the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the Smithsonian Institution, the Harvard Business School Library, the FAO, and, most recently and ongoing, the Information Technology Solutions Vice Presidency of the World Bank, among others.

He served as project reviewer for the DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries (funded by the EU) (2005 - 2008), as proposal reviewer for NSF, and as reviewer for many journals and conferences.

Dagobert is the author of two books in German and two in English, Indexing languages and thesauri: Construction and maintenance (1974) and Organizing information. Principles of data base and retrieval systems (1985) and numerous journal articles and conference papers, among them
Huang, Xiaoli;. Soergel, Dagobert 2013. Relevance: An improved framework for explicating the notion. Journal of the American Society of Information Science and Technology. 64(1): 18-35.
Zhang, Pengyi; Soergel, Dagobert (2014). Towards a Comprehensive Model of the Cognitive Process and the Mechanisms of Individual Sensemaking. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology65(9), p. 1733-1756.
Soergel, Dagobert 2013 / 2115. Knowledge Organization for Learning. Conjectures and Methods of Study.
Ciência da Informação. Special issue Informação e Tecnologia v. 42, n. 2 (2013, p. 232-254 [Published 2015 August].

Thesauri. The Alcohol and Other Drug Thesaurus. A guide to concepts and terminology in substance abuse and addiction 2001.

Areas of expertise: Knowledge Organization Systems (ontologies, taxonomies, classifications, thesauri), information retrieval and search, user requirements analysis, database design, and integrated information systems in organizations.

Awards and Honors
American Society for Information Science: Best Information Science Book Award, 1986; Award of Merit, 1997 (ASIST's highest award); Best JASIS Paper Award, 1999 *Wang, Peiling; Soergel, Dagobert. A cognitive model of document use during a research project. Study I. Document selection. February 1998; 49(2): 115-133). Los Angeles Chapter of American Society for Information Science and Technology :Award for Contributions to Information Science and Technology (CISTA) 2008/2009

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