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Mayumi Ueno

Institution: Home Education Labo

Address: Maruyama 2-11-2

Postal Code: 8010831

Country: Japan

Mayumi Ueno is an arithmetic performer. I am making interesting arithmetic methods that people who do not like arithmetic can enjoy it.
For example, there are methods that combine everyday life and arithmetical learning, such as ‘making sweets and arithmetic’, ‘shopping, play and arithmetic’ and ‘picture book and arithmetic’. In the case of shopping play and arithmetic, if you change the price to quantity not the numerical expression, even small children who do not know the numbers can shop with felt balls instead of money and enjoy the calculation. For primary school students, I also encouraged understanding by using felt balls to calculate various arithmetic thought such as fractional division and ratio. The arithmetic method of felt ball a was announced at the university in China in 2017, and it gained high evaluation by doing class at the attached elementary school.

Recently, I made music CD for young children. CD book is modeling mathematics textbook written 85 years ago.
It is an artistic approach such as sounds and pictures, and is getting high interest from parents as attaching kids' arithmetic power only by listening to CD.

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