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Student-Led Grammar Revision Project: Empowering Level 1 Spanish Beginners’ Students to Facilitate their Own Learning

Nadezhda Bonelli, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)


This paper will present a successful student-led approach to grammar revision and how, within the core curriculum, language students can have the opportunity to experience and develop enterprising capabilities (authentic problem-solving, taking action, true collaboration, risk taking, innovation and creativity). As part of the written language component of the Level 1 Spanish Beginner’ course in Hispanic Studies students carry out a non-assessed grammar revision exercise during the course revision period.  This exercise requires the students to prepare a presentation on a key aspect of the Spanish language to be presented to their classmates, in the first instance, and then to Y9-Y12 students in local schools also in need of revising their Spanish. To do this students will have to think of effective ways of tackling specific grammar structures, work collaboratively, explore various approaches to specific grammar structures and to reflect on their own learning approach. Through this project you also will  see how student-led exercises can enhance student engagement within the course, the university and  their community, and lead to a more rewarding and enjoyable teaching experience. The presentation will outline the development of the project, its challenges and its results.

Keywords: Student-led, enterprise, capabilities, Spanish, curriculum.

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