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Ethnosemiometric Parameterisation of Diachronic Core of the Concept TRUTH and its Profiles in the British Axioconceptosphere

Nataliia Stefanova, Dragomanov National Pedagogical University (Ukraine)


The article deals with the diachronic core of the value concept TRUTH, which is a mental construct, a model with a complex network of conceptual and motivational features demonstrating a variety of primary semantic features of the designated concepts firstly for a person of pagan consciousness and later for a Christian one. These signs are detected by ethnosemiometric parameterisation of the internal form of the name of the concept which holds their primary origins. This objectifies the concept in the value dimension and reflects the collective archetype representation of the British about the concept. Also, the reconstruction of cognitive mechanisms of transfer of its diachronic conceptual features from one sphere to another (established order – faith) is carried out. Therefore, the value is always the center of the concept, since the concept is a “bundle of culture”, which is based on a value and significance principle. There are grounds to assert that the axioconceptosphere of each ethnic group is ontological and epistemological synergetic-evolutionary entity, in which their archetypal signs are transformed as historically and evolutionarily, as culturally, socially, spiritually, individually. Depending on the type of values that the concept TRUTH objectifies, some of its features become central, while others are marginalized. To verify this assumption, we propose the 2-stage algorithm of ethnosemiometric parameterisation of the value concept TRUTH: the first stage – the analysis of Indo-European and Proto Germanic forms and meanings of its name – the lexeme truth with their semantic transitions, and the second stage – analysis of etymological and semantic profiles of the lexeme truth with the words trust, belief, faith, which have the meaning of faith in the English language. We have made a preliminary conclusion that in the long search of an answer to “What is the truth?” the researchers assert that mentalizing of this concept in consciousness is determined by the peculiarity of national worldview and axioconceptosphere where primary senses of the value concept TRUTH were formed in ontogenesis as its diachronic core. The conceptual and content features are best realized within the framework of separate models of the world: scientific, naive, religious.

Keywords: concept Truth, axioconceptosphere, ethnosemiometry, diachronic core.

[1] Gosteva Zh. E. Means of expression of concept Truth in the English language. Arkhangelsk, 2004, 209 p.
[2] Stepanov Yu. S. Constants: dictionary of Russian culture. Research experience. Moscow:Shkola “Iazyki russkoi Kultury”,1997, P.40-76.

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