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CALL to Arms: Generations Clash Over Digital Technology in the Foreign Language Classrooms.

Nilima Roy, English Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis (India)


Is a smartphone a toy or a tool? Students can't get enough of it - after all, social media notifications and viral videos do take time to reflect on - while teachers quite understandably, are dismayed to see an excellent educational tool used purely for entertainment.This paper posits that these two concepts and attitudes are not mutually exclusive. It proposes a possible common ground,'edutainment', the integration of interactive mobile technology with the classroom for new opportunities to effectively achieve learning objectives in a light -hearted spirit. The research study examines the attitudes and intentions of  one hundred Indian EFL university students towards learning with a playful, competitive smart phone application,hoping to find out if there is any resistance to adoption, and if so, how to overcome these obstacles.Results indicate general acceptance, widespread use,and an altogether positive attitude  to the software. The paper concludes by highlighting student impressions of its relevance to their studies and offering recommendations for further integration of digital teach-nology into foreign language classreooms.

Keywords: CALL, mobile-technology, language learning.

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