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Sign Language Learning Material for Undergraduate Students: Brazilian Sign Language Glossary

Janice Gonçalves Temoteo Marques, FCM/UNICAMP (Brazil)

Lucas Vieira de Miranda, FEEC/UNICAMP (Brazil)

José Mario De Martino, FEEC/UNICAMP (Brazil)


The teaching of Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) became compulsory in the undergraduate courses of Brazilian public universities after the publication of Federal Decree 5626/2005, which stated that the discipline of Libras should be inserted in the curriculum of undergraduate courses. The Brazilian universities had to adapt to the new reality and the students began to study sign language. During the implementation of the Libras discipline, a number of educational and pedagogical challenges emerged. As Libras is a visuospatial language, students complained about the lack of online material in which they could easily find the signs of Libras for practical study of the language. This project came up with the purpose of filling this gap and creating material to facilitate the learning of Libras for university students, and also useful for the learning of any hearing person interested in learning Brazilian sign language.The glossary of Libras presented here has recorded about 2,000 signs of Libras. To facilitate the search and learning of the language, the signs are available by searching in two ways: by sign name or by semantic category of the sign. The Brazilian Sign Language Glossary is available for free in online platform ( In general, is expected that the Brazilian Sign Language Glossary could be an material to make easier the learning of Libras for the undergraduate students by contributing to their professional formation, since they may become teachers of deaf students. The Brazilian Sign Language Glossary it is also a database of signs, useful in the descriptive research of Libras and could be used as a reference in research in the area of deafness.

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