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A Systematic Review and Annotated Bibliography of Second Language Learning Formative Assessment: An Overview

Skevi Vassiliou, Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus)

Salomi Papadima-Sophocleous, Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus)


This presentation is a summative overview of a Systematic Review and a descriptive and evaluative Annotated Bibliography (AB) of Second Language (L2) Formative Assessment (FA) carried out from the very first published work on the subject in 2000 to 2017. The aim of the SR was to systematically research and examine work published over the 17-year period mentioned, describe and analyse the data and derive some conclusions. The SR synthesised different studies which were related to L2 Learning FA. From an initial search resulting in 2284 sources, only 108 met these predefined criteria. These studies were then systematically reviewed. The qualitative design process included data analysis synthesis, interpretation and led to the findings and the conclusions. The findings gave insights into information such as the types of FA in L2 Learning research publications, the type of study designs, research tools, methods used in the studies, the research location, the level of educational institutions the research was carried out, the languages and the language skills researched and the role of technology in L2 FA. Also, the SR was complemented and reinforced by an AB of L2 FA. The content of the AB was arranged chronologically from 2000 to 2017. The AB followed the same source research and inclusion/exclusion criteria processes. The AB consisted of a series of bibliographical entries and citations. According to the findings of this research, there is no AB in L2 FA for this particular period. This AB also aimed to fill in this gap. The combination of the SR and the AB aimed to obtain more unbiased conclusions and give a more rounded overview of the research conducted during the designated period of time. It also aimed to enhance the validity and reliability of the research. The findings also identified some aspects of L2 FA of concern that could serve as topics for future research. These include aspects such as more training of L2 teachers in L2 FA and the role of technology in L2 FA.

Keywords: systematic review, annotated bibliography, formative assessment, second/foreign language.

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[3] Tsagari, D. & Michaeloudes, G. (2016) Provision of feedback in L2 exam classes in Cyprus. 7th International Conference of the Association of Educational Assessment - Europe (AEA-Europe), Limassol, Cyprus
[4] Vogt, K., & Tsagari, D. (2014). Assessment literacy of foreign language teachers: Findings of a European study. Language Assessment Quarterly, 11(4), 374-402.

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