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Mobile Applications in the Russian Language Class: Revisions and Reflections

Varvara Golovatina, University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic)

Polina Golovátina-Mora, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia)


The use of mobile technologies becomes a common part of the Second Language Curriculum and a usual activity in a range of typical teaching activities inside and outside the classroom. Obviously, the use of such mobile applications improve and facilitate the teaching process, increase general motivation and attention of students, expand their contact with the language outwards the classroom and have many other advantages. These are even more important in the context of Russian Language Acquisition because unlike the students learning English or other popular second languages the students of Russian classes have much less contact with the language outside the classroom. And the m-learning helps to reduce this shortcoming. Although an offer of different kind of teaching applications for mobile devices that can be used for the Second Language Learning and Teaching is big and diverse, the offer of applications for Russian Language is rather limited. In our paper, we are going to analyze our experience of use of the mobile applications in Russian Language classes for adults (university students from the Czech Republic and Colombia) supported by the interviews with our colleagues and students. In addition to the review of the most used applications by our students, we are going to discuss the potential use of the mobile technologies for a more collaborative learning. The methodology of the paper is a qualitative study.

Keywords: mobile applications, Russian Language Learning and Teaching, ICT in Language Learning.

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