Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 16

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School Box Office, Season 2: The Past and the Future of a Project within a Project to Teach Middle School Students

Cerassela Anghel, Nicolae Iorga School (Romania)

Alina Crina Terinte, Versesti Sanduleni School (Romania)


Our paper is a “sequel” to a previously presented research in the 11th edition of the Innovation in Language Learning International Conference. The teaching approach, that started in 2017 with two grade 5 classes, focuses on contextualized meaningful learning that evolve around films for youngsters. The latter engage students in authentic communication while scaffolding their A2.1 level. During the school year 2018-2019, the project has been revisited for two new grade 5 classes and progressed with grade 6 for the previous two groups. The methodology has been preserved to a large extent: a group of teachers share a project design around a film that is a context and pretext for communication; the project is discussed and amended according to the various groups characteristics (rural disadvantaged school and average urban school); learning resources are developed and applied in order to support students design their own exploratory projects; students work on their projects and present them. In the second year of implementation more autonomy has been given to the students who select their project topic under the umbrella of the respective film theme as well as the product / artifact they are to develop and present after a month’s work. At the same time, the progression of the language acquisition within the A2 level expanded on the time axis: according to the Romanian curriculum for grade 6, past and future references determine students to make plans and also to do some storytelling. In order to contextualize these abstract grammar matters we used films like Alpha or The Martian that dilate the time frame from the beginning of the human civilization to some future space adventure. Our conclusion is that meaningful contexts support the acquisition of time-related abstract linguistic concepts.

Keywords: project work, film-based methodology, student-centered approach.

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