Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 16

Accepted Abstracts

Applying the “Project Method” in Second Language (L2) Teaching. A Multidimensional Interaction with Authentic Input in Autonomous Modes

Maria Skiada, Frederic Univerisity - Hellenic Culture School (Cyprus)

Ifigenia Georgiadou, Hellenic Culture Centre (Greece)


Main objective of our oral presentation is to present the Project Method, as an authenticity and autonomy - centered methodological tool in L2 teaching context. In the light of SLA theories, the main theoretical and pedagogical arguments in favor of an autonomous and based on authentic interactions learning process will be pointed out. Especially the ones which advocate the potential of Project Method to engage the adult learners into language and (inter)cultural raising-awareness processes. We will also describe in detail all the implementation stages of Project Method, that is to analyze the way each project is prepared, designed, realized, presented and evaluated. The role of the teacher as facilitator, the skills developed throughout the project, as well as the weak points and constraints of this method will be equally presented. In order to illustrate, as clearly as possible, the terms and ways of applying the Project Method in a L2 learning context, our presentation will be enriched with specific examples from the Hellenic Culture Centre, where Project Method was applied and consolidated as a beneficial methodological tool in teaching Greek as L2.

Keywords: Project Method, authentic input, autonomy, awareness.

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