Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 17

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The Use of ICTs to Enhance Students’ Speaking Skills

Hayat Naciri, University Sultan Moulay Slimane (Morocco)


Speaking is part of the language skills which is important for language learners to be developed. It is a crucial part of foreign language learning and teaching. In education, improving the speaking skills of students has always been a challenge. In the 21st century several new technologies are being introduced to teach speaking skills in the classroom. The use of technology has become an important part of the language learning process to achieve successful and better teaching outcomes.This paper focuses on the role of using new technologies in enhancing students’ oral performance. It highlights the effectiveness and the positive outcomes of using ICTs to improve speaking skills which is primordial in English language learning. The paper emphasizes the tremendous role of ICTs in improving students’ oral performance in and out of class. According to Means (1994), “the primary motivation for teachers to use technology in their classrooms is the belief that the technology will support superior forms of learning”[1]. Thus, teachers need to be aware of the merits of the effective use of ICTs. And, therefore, consideration needs to be given to develop ICT-based activities in oral classes, which enable students to learn and experience at the same time.

Keywords: ICTs, use, enhancing speaking skills, outcomes.

[1] Means, B. (Ed.). “Technology and Education reform”. (1994).

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